Little Blush


Little Blush

24" x 30"

acrylic on canvas


I was inspired to do a series of florals and landscapes in this more impressionistic manner after a long road trip one spring.  We were driving home from Baja Mexico and as the roadside attractions blurred by’ I began to think of wild flowers, bouquets of flowers and landscapes which were there, but not clearly defined.  In a field of wildflowers the individual flower is insignificant in comparison to the whole and the same can be said of Landscapes.  Color, form and certain defined areas, like trees, or water are only a piece of the puzzle so to speak.  

The whole story is in the first impression that you might have of a painting and will it speak to you.  Will it remind you of a place or situation or person or story of your own?  Does it tug at something within you?   Sometimes, only in quiet, silent reflection will the story unfold-- not the artists’ story but your own about the painting.  This kind of contemplation will stay with you long after your initial look and is what is so great about “fine art” as opposed to décor art.

My “abstractions” are not complete in the defining way most artists talk about them but rather flashes of real time tempered by color, texture, design and some dreamy notion of real life.

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